Creativity Wellness Box 2023 #9

October is here and so are the spooky times. We love the vibrant fall colours, leaves, pumpkins, corn mazes, black cats, and witch’s brews. Something about this time holds a special place in our hearts, or maybe its just the memories of delicious food and treats with family. Either way, with all these wonderful memories it’s time to get artsy.

Acrylic is known for its fast-drying qualities, as it dries it takes one a slight gloss finish; but what if you wanted something less glossy? While gloss can be nice depending on your wants and needs you might find the glossiness to be a tad distraction, additionally you may notice that darker colours will dry a little lighter when they have this gloss finish. Luckily there is such a thing as matte style acrylic paint, yes as the name suggests matte dries in a way that has little to no gloss whatsoever giving you a purer hue.

This box includes several Abstract Acrylics Matte paints by Sennelier. Matte Abstract Acrylics are highly pigmented. These soft-body paints come housed in an extra-sturdy, easy-to-transport 60ml squeezable pouch. Extremely fluid for maximum coverage, they have a velvety stretchy finish and can be used on any substrate. Paint straight out of the pouch or use it as you would any acrylic paint. Additionally, we’ve included an 8-piece set of nozzles by Sennelier, and our very own Bright #06 brush from Series 755 Bristle Brushes by Curry’s.
Exclusive to our SOLO boxes, is a water colour paper pad by Strathmore and a 6”x6” canvas. Our SHARED boxes come with a little extra, including an extra hue of the Matte Abstract Acrylic, an 8”x10” canvas, an additional brush, and paint knife!

Explore, have fun, and be amazed by the creativity within you!

Please SHARE YOUR CREATIONS with us! Check out our social media channels, give us a follow and post what you create this month (and every month) using Hashtag: #CurrysArtWellness in your comments. We'd love to see what you make!

Remember - our customer service team is here to help with any questions, or creative suggestion with this month's box or any other ideas you have that are waiting to be explored!

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