Warm-Up Drawings

Warming up before drawing can make a huge difference in your final work. Perhaps you have seen some warm up drawings online already. Today let's go through a few basic warm ups you can do. 


Scribbling is a great way to loosen up your arms, wrists and mind. instead on focusing on shapes, shading, lighting etc. you let your hand guide what comes out on the paper. Scribbling is also a great way to release stress. 

Shapes, Shapes and more Shapes

Drawing shapes is another way you can warm up. For example start with drawing a triangle, and another and another. Now switch from which point you draw the triangle and repeat. Next try drawing a new shape like a square, rectangle, circle or oval. Draw them in different ways and from different points until you've filled your page. 

Colored Skeletal Drawings

For this exercise we'll be warming up our color theory and anatomy skills. Simply pick a few colors' and a specific part of the skeleton to draw.

Try to start with basic shapes for example in the pelvis bone we can see a heart shape for the empty space and the bones that surround it look similar to butterfly wings.

The rib cage has some very unique shapes and lines. 

Skulls can be intimidating but when you break it down it's really quite simple. the cranium a circle, the eye sockets a rounded square, the nose an upside down heart.

Some final notes about warming up is to have fun with it. Even our warm ups can become our favorite pieces. So don't hesitate to experiment, warm ups don't need to be restrictive they just need to be done!

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