Launched in the early 80s, the POSCA paint marker was an immediate success among the artistic communities arising from urban cultures, and especially the Graffiti community.

Non-toxic, water-based POSCA markers are alcohol and solvent free with great coverage, blendability and opacity. Smooth flow promotes consistency, texture and continued optimal results. These versatile markers can be used on paper, glass, cardboard, wood, porcelain, metal, textiles, ceramics, plastic and more without priming (note that the markers will produce different results with a primer). The pen tips can be rinsed with water and some are reversible. Available in tip sizes 0.7mm ultra-fine, 1.0mm extra-fine, 1.5mm fine, 2.5mm medium, 8mm broad, 15mm extra-broad and brush.

From Street Art to Fine Art via Illustration, Graffiti, Portraits and all forms of Customization, POSCA now drives artistic momentum among all creators in all media.